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Case studies highlighting group travel options offered by Abundant Journeys

Small business team-building

Case Study: Small business team-building on Captiva Island for the weekend. A great investment for the small business owner seeking new ways to increase productivity and employee loyalty.

A culinary escape for the foodie

Case Study: Culinary escapes are an excellent option for a chef to travel the world gratis with a group of foodies. Or even add value to the group and create a new revenue stream to your business.

Fitness Vacation – Fun for the whole family

Case Study: Ladies Fitness Vacation in Cancun, Mexico. The ladies brought their families along to share in the free time moments. Want us to design your next fitness getaway? Inquire within.

40th Birthday Celebration

Have your next destination celebration planned by Abundant Journeys. Whether by land or at sea, you should be a guest at your celebration and leave the planning to us.
$2,800.00+ per person