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Abundant Journeys Celebration Vacation Scenarios

Just Get Me There Scenario

Aruba Destination Wedding

Our client wanted us to handle the travel portion only for her destination wedding.  She had already chosen the Westin and connected with the on-site wedding coordinator.  The wedding coordinator could secure the room block.  However, the client realized she would still be very much involved in the administration of it all.  She did not want that.  She wanted Abundant Journeys to handle that workload.  Her request was for us to:

  • Secure air  for her 18 guests and handle the administration, customer service with the guests bypassing her.
  • Handle the resort contract along with collecting guest payments and providing pre/post travel customer service.  The on-site coordinator would handle customer service during the stay.

This enabled her to work with the on-site coordinator for the wedding details only without other distractions.

She paid $135 ($100 + $35) for this service.  The additional fee was due to the fact not everyone was on the same itinerary.  There were different arrival and departure times from multiple cities requiring more administration on our part.

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Give Me a Hand Scenario

Mini Family Gathering Cruise

Our client wanted us to research cruise options, secure travel arrangements and make the initial introduction with the on-board event coordinator to plan the group cocktail party.  He would work directly with the coordinator to plan the party.  Abundant Journeys would handle group shore excursions.

The adults of the group of 16 split the fee of $200.00 (only $200 since they were all departing from the same city on the same itinerary).  Upon return, the feedback on the cruise was only that he wished he had chosen the Treat Me Right service level instead.  This would have enabled him to fully enjoy the cruise versus party planning.

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Treat Me Right Scenario

Vegas 40th Birthday Bash

This client is accustom to having “people”.  He doesn’t want to be bothered with the details.  He just wants to show up and be a guest at his own party.  Abundant Journeys:

  • Handled all travel arrangements, administration and customer service.
  • Secured the on-site entertainment planning company.
  • Maintained and monitored the party budget of $50,000 for payment to vendors, etc. Clients assistant actually cut the checks.

The on-site planner communicated with Abundant Journeys regarding all of the details.  The party was a HIT!!!!  Over 200 guest flew/drove in to celebrate.

He paid $2,000 for this service because the guest count was 200+. Furthermore, he continues to use our lifestyle management and travel services 25-30 times annually.

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Last updated 3/18/2014