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Exclusive. Limited Access. Top-shelf. Luxurious. Do any of these adjectives describe your travel and lifestyle taste? Of course it does! And that is exactly why Abundant Journeys is here.   We are lifestyle managers first and foremost.  It is what we understand.  It is what we know.  To satisfy the insatiable need for VIP “Insider” access to some of the most highly sought after entertainment, fashion, culinary, cultural and sports experiences worldwide and travel to elite travel destinations glocally (global and locally), Abundant Journeys offers an exclusive, value-added service to our clientele called Luxe Life by Ensemble.  It is part of our Lifestyle Management Services under Event Tickets.

trip to cuba

AfroCuban Trip of a Lifetime

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VIP Travel Packages

All VIP travel packages are fully customizable and can include any of the following:

  • Event Tickets
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Private ground transportation
  • Athlete or celebrity-hosted receptions
  • Red carpet and backstage access
  • Exclusive pre and post event parties
  • and more…

Upcoming Events

Summer / 2016

​- Tony Awards (June 5th)
– Wimbledon (June 27th – July 10th)
– Aspen Food & Wine (June 17th – 19th)
– NBA Championship (June – TBD)
– Running of the Bulls (July 6th – 14th)
– MLB All-Star Game (July 12th – San Diego)
– American Century Celebrity Golf Classic (July 19th – 24th)
– Edinburgh Military Tattoo (August 5th – 27th)
– US Open Tennis (August 29th – September 11th)

Winter / 2017

o    Australian Open – January 16th -29th
o    College Football Playoff Championship – January 9th
o    NBA All-Star Game – February 19th Location TBD
o    Sundance Film Festival  – January 19th – 29th
o    Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – February 24th – 28th
o    Super Bowl – February 7th Houston
o    South Beach Food and Wine – February 22nd – 26th
o    Daytona 500 – February 27th

Spring / 2017

o    Final Four – March 31st – April 3rd Phoenix
o    The Masters Golf – April 6th – 9th
o    Hong Kong Seven Rugby April 7th -9th
o    New Orleans Jazz Festival April 28th – May 7th
o    Kentucky Derby – May 6th
o    Cannes – May 17th – 28th
o    French Open – May 28th – June 11th
o    Chelsea Flower Show – May 23rd – 27th
o    Indianapolis 500 – May 28th
o    Monaco Grand Prix – May 25th – 28th
o    US Open Golf – June 12th – 18th


Limited Supply. Very in demand product offerings. Make requests early.

To get started, complete a trip request specifying your trip of interest.