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Incentive Travel Programs

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  • Small Business/Professional Office Incentive Travel Programs
  • Group Incentive Travel and Small Business/Professional Office Retreats
  • Partner Travel Programs

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Small Business/ Professional Office Incentive Travel Programs

Imagine your team crushing your quarterly goals setting new standards and raising the bar beyond your wildest dreams.  Now picture your rockin’ team on a beach in Tahiti refueling their creative juices just to come back and crush yet another quarterly goal.  And that, my friend, is the power of incentive travel.  A stellar travel package is an incredible incentive to encourage your team to meet your company goals.  Yet, all too often, the small business or professional office firm is reluctant to implement an employee reward program that will yield positive results.  Why? Usually budget.

Cash will just go toward bills.  Merchandise will be re-gifted at Christmas time.  Travel, on the other hand, says, “Yea, this is all about me!  Let the competition begin!”  Friendly competition that is… Choose an effective package that will motivate your staff, create a powerful buzz campaign to introduce, build and maintain excitement, set milestones to achieve along the way and end with a bang – the grand prize – a vacation to Tahiti, Paris, a cruise or whatever makes your employees hearts flutter with joy.

Let’s end the doldrum today and add in some spice to your small office.  Abundant Journeys is here to help you create your very own employee reward program or revamp the one you already have in place.  Don’t have any employees?  No worries!  We can focus on creating a client travel incentive program to reward your loyal clients for supporting your brand.  We focus on the goal you want to accomplish for your business – gain new clients, increase overall sales, instill brand awareness, etc. to develop a program suitable for you.

Peruse a Sample Incentive Site

Abundant Journeys will be your steady partner throughout the entire process (or, if you prefer, just part of the process) to design, manage and implement your new employee or client travel reward program.  And, check with your CPA, the prize you reward is usually tax-deductible.  An effective package includes more than just the solo employee or client.  At minimum, it should include a travel partner and an easy ability for the recipient to add on children, if any, at an additional expense.

We customize each package to suit the needs of each client for each goal they want to achieve.  To gain an idea of the type of packages we offer, contact us to receive our Travel Incentive Brochure.

It is important to mention that once the award is given to the recipient, we will handle their travel arrangements with care.  We will provide excellent customer service throughout their travels to aid in the return of very productive employee or raving fan of a client.  It’s an investment you will not receive from a cash bonus or merchandise reward.  It’s the reward your employees and/or clients will talk about for years to come.

  • Real Estate Offices
  • Insurance Agents/Brokers
  • Financial Service Offices
  • Direct Sales Team Leaders
  • Any sales driven business
  • Dentist/Orthodontist
  • Chiropractors
  • Family Practice Firms
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Any small medical practice
  • Small car dealerships
  • Boot camp instructors
  • Local magazine companies
  • Small Sporting Good Stores
  • Any small business


Group Incentive Travel and Small Business/ Professional Office Retreats

Only have 1, 3, 7 or 9 employees?  Not to worry.  Abundant Journeys caters to the small business and professional office firm with 1-50 employees.  And we understand the small business and professional office also desires company retreats and group incentive programs typically available to large corporations through large incentive houses.   Group incentive travel and corporate retreats are an incredible tool to motivate and bolster morale for your small office.   It’s an investment in your company that can yield positive results to your bottom line far beyond the getaway.

Abundant Journeys will design, manage and implement your group travel incentive or retreat specific to your goals.  We will offer programs for the family while your team is participating in meetings.  We can assist with local, regional, national or international initiatives to meet your needs.  We have relationships in the travel industry to procure private jets, car service and more for your VIP participants.  We can assist with the entire process or part of the process to accommodate your needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Site selection services
  • Destination selection services
  • Agenda & Itinerary Creation
  • Database Management, Participant Registration (on or offline)
  • Budgets, Reports and Management
  • Transportation (Air, Ground)
  • Entertainment and Activities
  • Small Business Retreats and Small Event Planning
  • On-site management during retreat or group incentive travel

Partner Programs

Interested in developing a Travel Benefit Program for your Association/Organization to attract or retain members? Need a fresh fundraising idea? Join our Partner Program to help achieve your goals.