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1st Annual Well Life Cruise: A Mompreneur Networking Cruise

Join the 1st Annual Well Life Cruise



Are you a Mompreneur who owns a business:

  • Franchise
  • Independently Owned
  • Retail Operation
  • Successful blog/website
  • Business Broker
  • Independent Consultant

If so, then you have hit the jackpot! This networking event was designed with you in mind. 

It’s more than a networking cruise!

Yes, the cruise takes place next Spring, April 28- May 1, 2017, but you do not have to wait a whole year before your benefits of participating start to kick in.

4-City Pre-Cruise Tour

As a registered Mompreneur, you are eligible to participate as a vendor and/or guest at one of the pre-cruise city tours Sept/Oct 2016: Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Register today to receive more information on the city tours.

Bon Voyage/Charity Event

The evening before set sail, April 27, 2017, we will host a bon voyage party to mix and mingle while donating to charity in beautiful Miami.

Awards Ceremony

Leading up to the cruise, there will be several opportunities to nominate Mompreneurs for various awards that will be presented while on the cruise, beach side in the Bahamas.

You are asking, “What’s in it for me?” Well, let us tell you:

Cruise Amenities

What better way to network, then on a cruise. No stuffy conference rooms here folks. Set sail from Miami to the Bahamas.

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Vendor Fair

When you register for the cruise, as a Mompreneur you will also have the opportunity to participate in one of the pre-cruise city tours Fall 2016. You can host a vendor table at one of these events earning you more revenue and brand awareness for your business.

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Win a Small Business Grant

By joining the Well Life Cruise, you will have the opportunity to win one of our small business grants! Seriously, who will pass up the chance to add a little working capital to your business?

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Raffles & Contests

Register today for the chance to win one or more of the many raffles and contests while onboard the cruise ship.

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Awards Ceremony

We will give Mompreneurs, in several categories, awards at our beach awards ceremony in the beautiful Bahamas.

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There’s More…

  • Scholarships – If you belong to a women’s organization joining this event as a group with at least 15 cabins, your organization may qualify to receive a scholarship to give away to an inspiring young woman in your community.
  • Opulent gifts/swag – You will walk away with gifts and swag as a thank you for participating in such a monumental event.
  • Bring Friends/Family – No need to leave the family out of the fun. We will have a friends/family itinerary as well. Make it a family affair!

It’s just $25 per person to register today!

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