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As a luxury travel and lifestyle management firm, our clients anticipate services beyond a simple booked reservation and providing a confirmation. Our clients expect personalized attention, carefully designed itineraries and the ability to make requests based on their interest and personal needs (lifestyle management).  Since we have firsthand experience with the lifestyles our clients enjoy, we are able to satisfy our clients needs with ease and a comfort they can rely on.

To enjoy such a high-caliber service, we charge service-based and consultation fees for our time and expertise. Our goal is not to amass a large clientele based on volume bookings, but a quality clientele who value service immensely. Many of the services we provide to clients are non-commissionable; thus the fee is our only means of compensation in those cases.

We have several service levels to accommodate your travel and lifestyle management needs. Whether it is vacation planning (basic, typical vacation request), bespoke itinerary planning (custom vacations) or lifestyle management services (personal needs and interest requests), we are here to handle any reasonable request on your behalf.

Our clients who consider time their most valuable commodity opt to pay an annual service fee for unlimited travel and lifestyle management services. However, if your only requests is to book a hotel in Santa Barbara, we can certainly handle that task for you as well.

Abundant Journeys   2016 Fee Schedule



Airline or Rail Tickets (Only) – Agent   Assisted
Issuance of e-ticket $30.00
Issuance of e-ticket with confirmed upgrade $38.00
“Mileage” Ticket   Reservation $45.00
Refunds (Associated with refundable tickets) $33.00
Exchange (Changing the dates and/or location of a booked   trip) $50.00
Land Arrangements (Car & Hotel   Only) – Agent Assisted
Hotel Reservation   (only) $10.00
Car Rental   Reservations (only) $  5.00
Car Service (for   pickup & drop off service) $  7.00
Cancellations of car rental, car service or hotel reservation $  5.00
Online Self-booking –   Non-agent assisted (self-book)

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Airline, hotel   and/or car booking $  0.00
Online   cancellation of air, hotel and/or car booking $  0.00
Regular Mail $  0.00
Local Delivery (within Frisco, TX) – courier service $35.00
Overnight Mail   Service (Fedex, UPS, etc) At cost
Other Services
Visa/Passport   Assistance (Per Person) $65.00
Research Fee/   “Just Shopping”/ Concierge Fee (1-hr min) $35/hr
Previous   Research Trip (For trips more than 3 months old &/or covering longer than 15 min of research) $35/hr
After hours Agent Assisted Calls – per inquiry/call (866) 535-1020 VIT Code: A1S14(For emergency, life-altering calls only. Not normal booking needs or customer svc) $45.00
Service Levels (starting prices listed below)
Vacation Planning $25.00
Bespoke Itinerary Planning (reference area below) -up to 4 ppl
Local (DFW area) $  25.00
Within Texas $  50.00
Regional (AR, LA, OK, NM) $  75.00
Domestic (48 continental states) $125.00
International (incl HI, AK and US territories) $250.00
Cancellation fees (tours, cruises, vacations, etc.) – per person (groups have dif policy) $  50.00
Lifestyle Management Services Call Us
Initiation Fee & Annual Service Fee Call Us
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**Fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.** A   4.00% credit card processing fee applies.This is not an exhaustive list of fees.
Fees provided at the time of booking over ride any fees listed above.

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