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What is the difference between a Vacation Plan & a Bespoke Itinerary?

A Vacation Plan is what the average traveler thinks of when they are making travel arrangements – a pre-packaged vacation or cruise.  A Bespoke Itinerary is more in-line with the detailed daily activities of a custom vacation plan that includes personally selected activities, services and such.  It requires a lot more planning and preparation on our part.

Sample Vacation Plan

Sample Bespoke Itinerary

With a Vacation Plan, we book your ‘getting there’, ‘where to stay’ and possibly ‘a rental car’.  As you can see from the sample plan (above), we also include “good to know” information and destination background information for you as well as a few recommendations on area activities and places to dine.  If you would like, we could also book activities and make dinner reservations, etc for an additional fee, if applicable.  Transportation to/fro home/airport is typically on your own.  Transportation to/fro airport/resort is typically on your own or added in for an additional fee, at your request.  You will enjoy your vacation at your leisure more than likely deciding activities as each day goes by. If you want us to plan more than 1-2 activities/reservation for your vacation, then we recommend the Bespoke Itinerary to truly customized your experience.

With a Bespoke Itinerary, you will receive your “vacation plan” – ‘getting there’, ‘where to stay’ and ‘a private driver’ to get you around.  More than likely, you will have a local guide to insure your trip runs smoothly and handle any issues that may arise during your travels.  Activities will be planned for you according to your desires, daily, with a balance between relaxation and activity.  It is typical we would arrange transportation to/from home/airport as well as your transportation arrangements during your vacation.  Your itinerary can be as custom as you like.  Hence, a bespoke itinerary.  Essentially, you are getting everything from the Vacation Plan service customized and planned to your desires and detailed out for you daily.  The service level is typically higher and the client typically expects to be served at a higher level.  Typically someone opting for a Bespoke Itinerary desires first class or private aviation as well as suites and villas over standard hotel rooms.  However, it is not necessary.  For this level of customization, we charge a consultation fee that is not applied to your final balance.