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Using our Vacation Planning Service, we can plan a vacation package for you to include:

  • getting there
  • where to stay and/or
  • getting around.

Typically, that means a flight, resort, and/or car rental.

The vacation planning service begins with an initial, complimentary consultation to learn your travel desires to pinpoint down a destination and best time to go. From there, we determine the form of transportation most suitable for getting there: plane, train or automobile… or a cruise.  And lastly, we can secure a car rental if you desire to drive yourself around your chosen destination.  As an added bonus, we can list for you a couple activities/entertainment ideas for the area you can choose to explore as well as list a couple places you may want to dine.  You will want to review any suggestion we list for you to determine further interest. Typically our clients are deposit ready when they schedule a consultation.  However, if you are not quite there yet, we will collect a ‘plan to go’ fee to maintain the professional integrity of the relationship while we do further work on your behalf.  What are these ‘plan to go’ fees, you ask?

We charge a “Plan To Go” fee to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our clients if they are not deposit ready at the conclusion of our complimentary consultation.  It is a small “Plan To Go” fee usually starting from $25+ for a family of 4.  Additional fees may apply.  Reference our fees section for more details.

The “Plan To Go” fee is then applied to your final balance when you book through us.  However, if you choose not to book through us, then the fee is considered payment for services rendered on your behalf.  We have found this method of working provides the foundation for a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship.

In addition, we do offer services beyond vacation planning that will require payment.  If you desire more customized planning, then our Bespoke Itinerary Planning Service may be ideal for you. Or perhaps our Lifestyle Management Services may be more suitable for you. And if you planning a special group event, check out our Celebration Travel Planning Services.

Summary of ‘Vacation Planning’ Plan To Go Fee: The mass majority of our clients do not need to pay the plan to go fee. Why? Because when they make an appointment for a consultation they are deposit ready and not just shopping around.  If a client is still in the uncertainty phase, price shopping or conferring with others in their traveling party, then the plan to go fee is a necessary component to maintain the integrity of the professional relationship.  It insures the vacation planner values your time and you, in return, value the vacation planners time and expertise.  It truly does create a positive environment for all involved parties.

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